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[music] >> authorities believe kids playing with fireworks may have led to a grass fire that spread to a car rental lot, this is video from this afternoon at any hertz to lock in san francisco. in all, 37 vehicles were torched. we learn what investigators note tonight. >> of the dark smoke could be seen for miles. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. north of the sand francisco international airport in this cellphone video, you can hear a lot of cops in the backgthe sounds of s exploding. witnesses say that it started out with kids playing with fireworks at this dried grassy field.
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about 300 hertz rental cars were parked here. >> of the small fire spread quickly and turned into a huge fire because of the heat and high winds. >> cars will blowing up and smoke was coming out. >> east on that one would explode, a usually was at another one on fire and that kind of built up to all the cars exploding. >> the fast-moving flames burned dangerously close to a motel 6, about 40 people were staying there they were evacuated and no one was hurt. authorities say the fire destroyed at least 37 rental cars and destroyed it least three others. >> parents to really advise their kids on how to handle fireworks, they should be present and let their kids know. >> witnesses said the kids that started the fire got scared and run away. so far the police did not have anyone in custody in south san francisco with kron4 news. >> clear skies above the bay area leading to some
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pretty hot temperatures are meteorologist is with us, brian, will be back for the fourth? >> i think we have a break for tomorrow not quite as high as what we saw today. >> who still good barbeque weather? >> absolutely, great big to get the barbecue grill and out. we had triple digit temperatures are fearful, concord, livermore, in the ninth for san jose and 80's% francisco and oakland. these temperatures were quite a bit over what we had yesterday. >> for tomorrow, as i was saying fog and that will bring you greetings down, but it will still be a warm day except right at the coast. here's how it is shaping up for the july 4th, we're starting out with mostly sunny skies, patchy fog it should be out of here pretty quickly around as we go to the afternoon,
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sunshine and a stronger sea breeze for the afternoon about 20 mouse to 30 m.p.h.. that should bring down the temperatures about five degrees to 10 degrees. look for readings not as warm, and the '70s by the bay, still in the '90s inland. it will still be a hot day possibly even upper 90s as we go up towards fairfield and antioch. tomorrow night, about 9:30 p.m. it is looking good clear skies for most of the bay area. however, the forecast model showing some fault at the coast. that may push into sentences by this time it looked like the fog will come after the fireworks are over. but, fog is really tricky. a chance for fog around sanford's is go and nice temperatures in the '50s, '60s and even the '70s more details of your holiday forecast coming up. >> scorching temperatures across the bay left in the areas with a heat advisory today. we show how some beat the heat in alameda county. >> if as i am in a burning
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oven, but, like, is hot, i feel like i am going to milk. that she is is one of dozens waiting for the gate to open at the aquatics center. as the line kept getting longer to dry outside crept higher and higher. >> it has to be like 100 degree that need to get into that i can go home and get back into my a see house. >> parents and children of all ages found ways to tickle and stay hydrated what they anxiously waited to get the water. it was expected to reach 104 degrees in pleasanton. nearby parks were practically empty during sunday's heat advisory that lasted until 9:00 p.m.. the community pool open at 2:00 p.m. to give people much needed relief. at the sinkhole was packed as the days get hotter, many are finding other ways to stay cool. >> maybe stay indoors, watch a movie as a family. >> we have a backyard pool a pool, keep them waiting keeping cool. >> i think it will get worse, it was like a hundred
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four, 105. but it is only july stilt all this will probably be even warmer. >> tomorrow night, the biggest fireworks show in northern california will set a --the bay sky ablaze. this group puts on hundred across the nation still they said the san physical show is pretty special. that this is the biggest show in northern california for short. >> not only do begin to blow up things, would blow them up all pretty with sparkly things and the crowd often really loved it. there is nothing better than after the show to hear all the people cheering and clapping. >> that show starts about 915 monday evening and will last about 20 minutes. the best places to watch are here at 39 and the acquired park. let us go live in richmond tonight. he is
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joined the festivities as the fireworks are just moments away. >> that is right, we are at marina bay park, everyone is just pretty much making their way down to closer to the marina. see right there were the boats are, that is where the fire were to take place. people are lined up right here, someone right here has a blanket, over there they have a little tent set up, all of these chairs going on. earlier, this was a scene, the people were dancing and there was music going on and they also had some food. but that right now is already being torn down because of the fireworks that are starting to begin. it is estimated that in this entire marina area there are about 5000 people here. it is july 3rd in this is the tradition, they have been doing this for over a decade on the day before the fourth of july. it is sunday so that works out for most families that talk with because they say they're able to participate in do stuff and watched the fireworks with their families. if you want as we in a little bit, we will
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check back here with me, and then when the fireworks began, will go ahead and give you a live picture. i want to point out that i talk with the police a moment ago and they said that the scene is very calm. they have blocked off the front area cars and not been able to get in but you can walk in. they're just controlling the area. >> a handful of bay area ballplayers will be at the major-league baseball game. despite an all-star cast, the giants just cannot handle the detroit tigers today. they were going crazy in between but the tigers relied on some kindly place to close at the series. now gonzalez and let in just two, the a's defeated the arizona diamondbacks. >> still ahead, we take you
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through the casey anthony investigation the trial is expected to wrap up with a verdict this week. we show you a seaplane that is being pulled from the bay, we find out how cancer is affecting the venezuelan president, and we find out how high ticket sales will reach for the new transformers movie. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job
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>> nearly three years ago caylee anthony was first reported missing in florida. her disappearance captivated the nation's attention. deciding casey anthony fate in the murder case. the defense says that was an accident the prosecution says that anthony was a selfish woman that they're referred house of michigan continue wild lifestyle. a jury decision is expected in the next few days. we take a look back on how the case began. >> casey anthony was a young mother with her two year-old daughter katie
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marie vanished in the summer of 2008. her mother cindy anthony called the police in july to report that she had not seen her granddaughter and weeks. she could not get an explanation from casey. >> there is something wrong, i smelled my daughter's car and their smell like a dead body in there. >> the car was abandoned and told it to a lot. the police to casey into questioning they said she told police she had not seen her little girl since dropping off at a baby sitter one month before. that story prove to be untrue. >> i continue that everything they've told me so far has been a lie. >> not everything you told --i told you. >> the police arrested her and during the search a car, a cadaver dog picked up the scent of human decomposition an fbi investigation later find traces of chloroform. she was indicted on capital
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murder charges she pleaded not guilty. two months later in december her daughter's body was discovered in a wooded area near the anthony's home, her family was finally able to say goodbye at a memorial service. >> i will not say how much i will miss things that will be able to do with her because some that will be able to hold her hand again and god's heaven. >> casey was not at that memorial service and she was sitting in a florida jail cell. prosecutors allege that she killed her daughter was chloroform and the tape and then dumped her body and then went out on a party screen. they sought the death penalty. after more than two years casey anthony got her day in court. per-capita murder trial got under way on april 11, 2011. >> all we are in the 80's right now, we have a cooler day on the way for the fourth of july will have the forecast coming up.
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>> we are live with the marina, i was a form that the fireworks should start in a few minutes. believe me, they're about to start in a moment and we are standing by. temperatures in the upper 80s. in richmond is 60 degrees. a little bit cooler. berkeley in the upper '60's, low 60s and said francisco and here is the forecast for tomorrow. we'll get a little bit of a break from the heat. the sea breeze will push cooler air into the bay. we'll still have 90s in the inland locations. tuesday everyone begins to warm up it will be a warmer day around the bay area some places as close to 100 degrees. for wednesday, look for the sea breeze to pick up once again, that will push the '70s back into the bay. but still, all week until about maybe friday we
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will see 90s in the inland spot. and how weak for the first week of july. at lake tahoe, it will be gorgeous here is the view today. a few high clouds out there but otherwise sunny skies. we will see temperatures in the 80's actually for tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday great weather for the fireworks however, look for the chance of some isolated thunderstorms coming up tuesday. a better chance for some thunderstorms on wednesday. for tomorrow, the fourth of july it will be a sunny day with patchy fog early on by the bay. reading is in the '80s and '90s. that is quite as warm as what we had today. fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. look for '70's and low 80s the shore. oakland is at a high of 77 degrees. no triple digits in the inland east bay
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tomorrow, but still in the '90s, antioch, concord, the south bay it has again for a day for the fourth of july. we have the highs in the low to mid 80s and 90s for morgan hill. here is the seven day around the bay, temperatures back up for tuesday. a little bit cooler for wednesday. a little bit cooler for thursday. the fog and seabury's make a big push late into the week. that means a return to cooler temperatures, closer to average for this time of year. upper 60s by the bay and lower to mid 80's now vicki. >> time for tech talk. >> big news for those who stream on the ipad and a smart phones. net flicks will now let you adjust the quality of the is content that you are streaming. >> the lower the quality the less of data when streaming. this may be good
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for those who did not want to go over there allowed to date of plans. carriers like verizon and at&t are now capping users a day tub, and screaming content can eat up a lot of ones and they tub. if you want to use less data here is how you can change your quality settings. logged on and go into the account settings, look for the manager video quality tap, you have three options to choose from for video settings. good eats up about 0.3 gb per hour. better use is up to about 0.07 gb per hour. and best use is about 1 gb per hour up to 2.3 gb per hour for your age did. on my ipad i notice a slight difference in quality for the three settings, but even on the lowest good setting the video still look fine. if you change the settings in your account, it will change the quality for all of your
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streaming devices including your computer and your home tv. you need to make sure to change it back to top quality when you are watching things at home in your wifi, where you have no data capped to worry about. gabe slate with kron4 news. >> coming up the rent and fireworks are about to take off also a plan that has been missing for several days is finally pulled from the water. will get a look at that and talk with a person that was there when the plane went down. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> the skies are lighting up for an early independence day celebration let us go live again at the fireworks show in richmond tonight with a look at all the festivities. it looks like fun. >> that is right as you can see the fireworks show has already begun. it looks like there are about 50 more minutes and will you take a look at what is going on right now
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>> everyone's eyes are in the sky, you can see why i do not know about you that i can never get tired of fireworks. >> you know your eyes are not fooling you this is an early 4 to july in richmond. every year they have been doing this for about 10 years. thank you, we will get back to you a little bit later. meanwhile, as the plane that is missing for days if his back on land. we watch as they pull it from the water. we will watch as venezuela find out how a controversial president is diagnosed with cancer. we will also find out how much money this brings said. ♪
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>> temperatures in the '80s, 89 antioch, '60s and '70s for south bay, 60 near the bay, 625 as of. nice weather coming up for the next several days. it is going to be pretty hot, hot weather for the first week of july. san jose, this is a few minutes ago at sunset looking beautiful. clear and a little breezy, the sea breeze is starting to crank up. that is bringing in some cooler temperatures at least near the bay. fog is developing by the coast by midnight to light. --by midnight tonight. and then will have a sunny day, not quite as hot for tomorrow to reduce down about 5 degrees to 10 degrees. now here is the beach, it is looking nice, clouds for the morning but a lot of sun in the afternoon. upper fifties and low to mid '60's the beautiful beach weather with the winds for the afternoon nw 20, to 30 mph. now, for
9:31 pm
tuesday temperatures go right back up again. kind of like a seesaw effect. 80's by the bay, numbers around 100 degrees in land. dan nichols bag down for wednesday and thursday much cooler by the end of the week and for the weekend. i will have more details of the seven day around the bay coming up. >> perfect weather to be watching fireworks, let us go live again at the fireworks show in richmond tonight as it looks like, well it is still going but it is about to wind down. >> of this is a little chilly but most people have blankets, so they are covered. adjutancy this is a beautiful sight. this is a tradition that has been going on for years. this celebrate on the day before fourth of july, on the third. we are approaching the tail end of the fireworks right now. there is music playing along, most everyone has made their way to the very front, or close to the water. their eyes are in the sky, to bail. [music]
9:32 pm
>> it looks like the show is still going on we want to try and check back with you in a little bit. we will send it back to you. >> i cannot wait that is very exciting. the search
9:33 pm
for a seat plane that crashed in the water has turned up the southern plains. we talk with a good samaritan that is at the right place at the right time to pick up the pilot and passenger. >> after more than one day with no look, the dyes cruise equipped with sonar finally found they were looking for. they manage to fish up the seat plane that capsized friday while in the fishermen they. david was on the water went down. >> my friend came up this is something really bad does happen i turned the boat around and saw the plane crashed in the water and two guys standing on the wings. saddam he said it look like the plane hit a wave into a nosedive. the pilot and passenger will pulled out in time. >> we had a pool of cold, and then the plane went under water. >> the dive team said that it was a merger between the estimated 20 to 40 ft. of water as to cause a crash in the first place if he says that the pilot seemed in shock. >> he was shocked, it was equal blame, he was glad to
9:34 pm
be alive. you know i think it was just a freak accident, like a weird gust of wind caused them to lift and then crashed down. >> neither the pilot of a passenger were injured, police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor because the plane was taxiing when it was crashed, the faa will not investigate. >> authorities it issued a warning about a mile line in the area they said that it attacked eight the year near the 5800 block of charles avenue now and really attack people, people are being asked to keep an eye on their small children and pets outdoors. the budget battle is forcing services to adapt as funding is cut. bart and muni will no longer receive the high-speed rail money from the state. governor brown use his veto power to block funding. the agencies were counting on the money, reggie kumar tells what this means for the bay area transit systems. >> governor brown signed
9:35 pm
the budget and in the process cut high-speed rail funding to muni, part, and caltrans. now union will not get 27 million, a bart is out $35 million but caltrans says that it is not worried about million because it can reapply next year. muni wanted to use the funds for its central subway project was completed will connect downtown san francisco to chinatown. muni says the money is just a small portion of what is needed for the $1.6 billion project. the governor used his line-item veto power to block the transit dollars. he felt the money would not be entirely use for the high-speed rail project which will eventually connect the bay area to southern california. a bart spokesperson says the funding is crucial to replacing the transportation agency the aging rail cars system. >> that money is supposed of those getting off the high-speed rail training getting on to bart. when the high-speed rail gets built,
9:36 pm
our car is needed to carry the excess passengers that we were not ordinarily expected. i nothing they will realize that we were lumped into projects that may perhaps have nothing to do with high-speed rail. he may very actually be right i do not question that judgment i think we might have got thrown in by accident. >> here at bart and at muni, officials are planning to meet with the governor to hopefully change his mind. until then, both agencies may look for other funding sources. >> as promised to head back out live at the fireworks show, is about to wind down. >> it looks as though we are approaching the end of the show because normally on these fireworks shows, that is when all the fireworks start to go at the very end. we are just waiting and take a look right now.
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>> i do not know if you could hear everyone ooh and ahh but it was a beautiful
9:40 pm
sight. we will send it back to you. >> they say the best for last and all the car alarms going off to. now the venezuelan president is in cuba right now undergoing treatment for cancer. we will get a look at a power vacuum being created in the south american country. and the latest transformer's movie is coming close to smashing the all-time record for ticket sales. ♪
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> the venezuelan president has been in cuba for a few weeks receiving medical treatment for cancer. the venezuelan government cancel their annual summit to to the president. >> this is how president chavez looks today, it is a different lab and what he look like 13 years ago, then he was the youngest head of state in his country's history today he is battling cancer. this video was released on friday and show his fatality. he
9:44 pm
appeared steady but subdued, he talked for only 15 minutes different then the long speeches that the venezuelans were accustomed to his sign off was different.
9:45 pm
>> for now and forever will live long and win. thank you very much and until i return. >> immediately his followers to the streets to back him up. the focus is now on tuesday july 5th and regional economic summit, they were supposed to posted but it has been postponed. a military parade marking to the years of independence from spain is still planned for that same day. one question is will the president attend, but the most important is if it is not chavez, who will replace him? >> san jose joey chesnutt is trying to win the annual hot dog eating contest for the fifth year and a role you want to look at how the contest started and how it has become such a big the van
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>> we had triple digit temperatures inland, and now you can see the breeze is blowing a little bit. the sea breezes coming into the bay and that is cooling things down for the coast and close to the bay. in is pretty warm. saratoga is in the upper '70's, 60 in richmond with a fireworks and just ended moments ago. a chilly 56 at half moon bay. for tomorrow we will see a little fog the on but it will clear away pretty quickly. there is some fog developing right at the coast. this should spread into the bay. it will be patchy for tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. a few clouds bayside. that is around hayward, oakland, san bruno and san francisco. the skies
9:50 pm
will give way. and even those clouds with a clear a way through the course of the afternoon. sunny skies for the beaches late in the day. so here is the way that the forecast is shaping up to march. mostly sunny, patchy fog clearing pretty fast. for the afternoon we will see the sun and the sea breeze will intensify. a little stronger than what we saw today about 20 mi. to 30 hours. that will cool temperatures off back into the '70s for the bay, '90s for the inland spots. going into tomorrow night for the fireworks that attending plays in berkeley, said fiscal, mountain view and also into copper. it looks nice, clear skies with a forecast shows some fog at the coast. that may come into santa to spread around the fireworks. is right on the fans. i don't know if it will be clear, or foggy. at this point it looks like it will be clear. you can go
9:51 pm
either way at this point, temperatures in the '80s and '90s for the north bay, '70s for stanford to school that is a colder day than we had today. 84 redwood city, we're looking at '70s for oakland, '70s hayward, 80 for union city with a few clouds in the morning and then sunshine for the larger part of the day. 90s in the east bay, and not close to 100 degrees still, that is far enough away from the sea breeze and things will still stay hot. 80's for the south bay no 9 this year. 86 degrees for san jose, now the seven day around the base so that we are warming things back up to 100 degrees inland for tuesday. 80's around the bay and then cooler again wednesday and thursday but a lot cooler by the end of the week and for next weekend. are they among the great traditions of july 40 annual hot dog eating contest at coney island. the san jose native and joey chesnutt is aiming for his fifth world championship. how this crazy contest is a
9:52 pm
lot more than fun by the beach. >> you are watching all american marketing magic. nathan's hot dog eating contest is a bonanza for the fast-food company as the years have expanded their gastric capabilities the popular as --the popularity has soared and so has sales of the nathan's hot dogs topping 53 million last year. >> this is one of the greatest marketing stunt ever put forth in the united states. >> it is a natural for nations that first opened at the fun filled amusement parks and 96 years ago. in the late 1970's at the contest was this and other coney island sideshow fought off by the pr stunt man max, his protege george and his brother rick where the marketing men that have brought competitive eating into the modern era. they have created a phenomenon by introducing the coveted mustard yellow championship belt. having espn cover the
9:53 pm
event and promoting the eaters as professional athletes. >> it is absolutely a sport and it has all the tendencies of sports and these guys are athletes for sure. >> this year they're building a new rivalry between the u.s. and china by flying chinese leaders just when--chinese eaters to coney island just when they are suppose expand in china. they have sought sponsors for other edens like chicken wings, oysters, hamburgers, all part of what they call major league be eating. >> nathan's stock has declined threefold in the past seven years. it is not only about conspicuous consumption but they don't it went thousand hot dogs to the new york city food bank. cars2 has already brought
9:54 pm
in 100 million domestically but it is another movie that is on the brink of destroying the box office records. coming up will tell you how much of transformers and dark of the moon brought in. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> the movie that pulled in the third most money is a far cry from the first. cars franchise did slightly better at 25 million that puts them above 100 million domestically but the big turner was transformers, dark of the moon. it is this the beginning to earn more than $97 million. that is the biggest domestic a call this year. with tomorrow's ticket sales, transformers will break the all-time record for the fourth of july wheat into cells. now you mentioned that fog would be lurking. >> for tomorrow night will have to watch it closely but the daytime looks nice with cooler temperatures. >> that will wrap it up for
9:58 pm
us to be back at 11:00 p.m.. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.

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